We take responsibility for doing everything we can to minimize, control, and reduce our environmental impacts.


Our Promises & Practices

Slowtide strives to use the most sustainable materials and invests in new fabric innovations to ensure we’re reducing our impact on the planet. We prioritize natural fibers but also use recycled synthetics where they have a clear performance and/or durability advantage. We work tirelessly to design and manufacture the highest quality towels, blankets & ponchos. We’ve built decade-long relationships to ensure we work with the best manufacturers in their field. A transparent and responsible manufacturing process is important to the foundation of our brand.

Our Quality

Slowtide is committed to creating superlative products that are guaranteed to last. We have traveled around the world in search of the best factories, assuring they have fair working conditions and happy employees. Since our inception, we have become towel experts:

We think of the things that no one else considers to provide the best product possible.

From sustainable materials, to details like size, weight, weaving techniques, hanging loops, and reusable packaging, quite frankly, we’ve thought of it all. We obsess over the little details so you have a product you will truly fall in love with.

Sustainably Sourced Cotton

All of our cotton is certifiably sourced through the Cotton LEADS program™. The Cotton LEADS program™ is a leader in sustainable cotton production and is founded on core principles that are consistent with sustainability, the use of best practices and traceability in the supply chain. The program offers manufacturers, brands and retailers a reliable cotton supply chain solution and confidence that their raw material is responsibly produced and identified. The Cotton LEADS™ program strives to make sure cotton is produced responsibly now and for years to come.

Built upon core principles that are consistent with sustainability, the use of best practices and traceability in the supply chain, Cotton LEADS offers cotton users the confidence and knowledge that their raw material is responsibly produced and identified.

Cotton Leads

That sustainable and responsible cotton production requires continual improvement, investment, research, and sharing of best practices information among growers and industry.

That leading change in responsible and sustainable cotton practices will have the most positive impact when implemented in collaboration with farm, regional, national and international programs.

To the social, environmental, economic, and regulatory factors to produce world-class cotton.

In the benefit of working cooperatively with similar programs that seek to advance responsible and sustainable cotton production in an effort to keep global cotton competitive in world fiber markets.

In a cotton identification system that ensures traceability from farm to manufacturer.


Recycled Materials

All Of Our Polyester Products (Quick-Dry Towels, Fleece Blankets, And Camp Blankets) Are Made From 100% Recycled Post-Consumer Waste, Primarily Plastic Bottles, And Transforming Them Into Premium Polyester Fibers. Certified Through The Global Recycled Standard. The Global Recycle Standard Applies To The Full Supply Chain And Addresses Traceability, Environmental Principles, Social Requirements And Labeling.

Organic Cotton with Seea

Organic = no chemicals = no nasty contaminates that cause harm to all the elements around the crop and our planet. Known to generate 46% less co2e than regular cotton, organic cotton also uses less water to produce. Everyone wins.


Oeko-Tex Certified

All of our products exceed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100™ certification. Oeko-Tex® is a worldwide association of independent institutes for product safety and sustainable production in the textile industry. Products certified with Oeko-Tex® do not contain any toxic or allergic substances and the fabric has been tested and certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health.

Ethically Made

We’re Proud Global Citizens, And We Manufacture Globally With Suppliers Who Share Our Values Of Sustainability, Accountability, And Transparency. We’re Committed To Making Products With A Smaller Environmental Impact In Places That Treat Workers Well. We Require Our Suppliers To Participate In Independent, Third-Party Social Assessments To Ensure Fair Wages, Healthy Labor Conditions, Reasonable Hours, And A Safe Work Environment.

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Giving Back

Slowtide Understands The Importance Of Working Together To Create A Better World. We Believe That It Is Our Responsibility To Give Back Wherever We Can. That Is Why We Seek Organizations That Share Our Values And Support Them Through Our Initiatives. Slowtide Is Determined To Facilitate Change Through Community Outreach, Education, And Donation.