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Our Kitchen Collection

Jade Kitchen Towel

Art meets function with this vibrant watercolour floral print. Printed with reactive dyes that resist fading with time and use, this towel is made from absorbent yarns in a smooth, flat weave that dries everything quickly.

Carrara Kitchen Towel

Slung over the sink, hanging from the stove, or left out on the counter this marble-inspired kitchen towel may just be your kitchen’s new best feature.

Real Fun, Wow! Kitchen Towel

Created in collaboration with California based illustrator, muralist and designer, Daren Thomas Magee. This minimalistic design pairs well with everything that happens in your kitchen.

Cecilia Kitchen Towel

Drawn in a tattoo style and arranged like a vintage botanical illustration, this mushroom print kitchen towel adds some fun to your home's most creative space. Created in collaboration with tattoo artist, illustrator and painter, Cecilia Granata.

Sundown Kitchen Towel

Your favourite pattern on its newest canvas. Whether you're using it to cook or to silence your kitchen's smoke alarm, this colourful kitchen towel checks all the right boxes.

Up At Dawn Kitchen Towel

Made from absorbent cotton and linen in a smooth, flat weave, this lightweight kitchen towel is ready for every dry job you have, from cookware to crystal. Created in collaboration with artist, Lauryn Alvarez.

Bring Art Into Your Home's Most Creative Space