We finally sat down with one of our favorites, Sage Erickson, to get a look at her Ventura home. She was able to buy her first house here and turn it into a dream home with the help of her family. Sage walked us through what it’s like living in this dreamy community where she can quickly get to both the beach and the city, and also enjoy a view of the mountains.

SLOWTIDE: How long have you called this space home?
SAGE ERICKSON: This is the first and only house I've bought. I've been here for 3 years now. It was an absolute wreck when I bought it and luckily my uncle is an amazing contractor out of Malibu. He actually suggested it was too much work for the price but I couldn't help how much I loved the location and possibilities I saw in it. My mom and the best handy man ever, John, tackled 2 years worth of renovations while I was on tour and did all of the fine tuning. Pretty much every inch of it, above and below, needed work.

S: What makes this space distinctly yours? 

SE: I would say all the details sprinkled around. I've collected treasures from around the world and I've focused on those being the special details because, besides the subtle symbolism they hold in my heart, they are just so specific to their countries' influence. I love having a worldly vibe. Cloth from Africa, art from overseas, tiles from Australia, vases from Bali...to name just a few. I also don’t think I stick to a specific style...just a nice blend of many.

S: What inspires you about your home? 

SE: I love that it feels at peace. I admire a calm sense of a home, a place to rest, feel inspired, and leave happy and energized. I think my home is welcoming, light, and loving. I've focused on an abundance of plants, a variety of stone, wood, and water -  all the elements that soothe the soul. I don't live in a mansion, but it sure is just what I need. It's also close to the ocean and mountains are visible. No electrical poles or wires in sight and wonderful neighbors. I love the community I live amongst!

S: In what ways do you take full advantage of your home? 

SE: I love that I have access to Ojai, where I was born, and Ventura, all within five to ten minutes from each other. I’m super close to LA and the airport without being in the actual city or feeling its suffocating effects at times. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, so living here with the dogs, I feel like a princess. My dad recently had a stroke and is recovering amazingly, so while I was in Mexico, he house-sat and used the house as a place to heal and get back on his feet. I've always hoped that later in life I have a home-group or welcoming night to host people and friends - great conversation and a safe place. My mom, Jody, is starting one at her house and it's inspired me to continue considering loving people well and creating an atmosphere for others. I'm actually super private when it comes to my home life, so for now I'm continuing to grow in myself and understanding.


September 25, 2020