By Dre Turner
We’re changing the game with our changing ponchos. Whether you’re on a boat, at the beach, or just driving to a parking lot to paddle out, we’ve got you covered (literally) for all your surf-checking and wetsuit-changing needs. Made of ultra-soft and absorbent 100% winter-weight cotton terry, our ponchos are as warm and cozy as they are versatile.
A double layer woven hood to keep you toasty in any conditions while the snap front and drawcords let you hunker down or let off some steam as needed. A hidden internal access dual pocket keeps your hands warm while making changing a breeze – pull your wetsuit up without giving everyone a show. Slip your phone, keys, and any other contraband into the pocket and keep the vibe comfy while you’re waiting on the tide. 
For those days you can’t be bothered to change at the beach, we’ve got you in transit too. Toss your poncho over the seat of your car or truck to keep it dry while you’re on the road – hopefully headed toward a nice hot, outdoor shower. And a parting tip from our long-haired poncho wearers: bring along a Quick-Dry Towel to wrap your hair once you’re out of the water, it speeds up your dry time, keeps your shoulders from getting soggy, and really completes your lewk. 
November 23, 2020