Harper Quick-Dry Poncho

Absorbs up to 4 times its weight in water, ensuring quick and efficient drying after any water-based activity.



High Absorbency: Absorbs up to 4 times its weight in water, ensuring quick and efficient drying after any water-based activity.

Functional Design: Fast-drying, lightweight, and easily packable. Features a discrete internal access opening for private changing in public, a kangaroo pocket for storage, a double-layer hood, and a snap front placket with drawcords for added convenience.

Versatile Use: Perfect for various settings including the beach, lake, hiking, boat trips, and any adventure you embark on.

Sustainable Materials: Crafted entirely from 100% post-consumer waste, mainly recycled plastic water bottles, contributing to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Easy Care & Size Options: Wash with mild detergent on a normal cycle and tumble dry low or hang dry. Available in sizes designed to accommodate different heights and weights, ensuring a comfortable fit for most adults.

Size Guide

Small/Medium (S/M)
Width: 64.8 cm
Length: 104.1 cm

Large/Extra Large (L/XL)
Width: 80 cm
Length: 113 cm

Extra Extra Large (XXL)
Width: 92.7 cm
Length: 120.7 cm

Width: 45.7 cm
Length: 73.7 cm

Sustainability Impact

All Slowtide products exceed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification, ensuring that they are safely produced and do not contain any allergic substances. The fabric has been tested and certified to be free of harmful chemicals so it is always safe to use! Visit the Responsibility page to learn more. 

Fabric & Care

We recommend washing the Changing Ponchos on a normal wash cycle with mild detergent with like colours. For drying, use a tumble dry low cycle or you can hang dry it. 

100% Sustainably And Ethically Sourced

Changing Poncho Features

Changing Ponchos in Action

We wanted to make changing in and out of your swimwear more convenient, discrete, and stylish...so we created our original Changing Poncho to do just that; to make changing publicly more private & easier that just using a towel around the waist.