Hawaiian artist and designer, Sig Zane, draws inspiration from the natural world around him and the cultures in which he immerses himself. We are so pleased to announce our second collaboration with Zane. Iholena uses dream-like colors and a favorite foliage.

Sig Zane explained the inspiration behind this work of art:

A native banana, Iholena, is a somewhat rare variety.  In Kāʻū, the Iholena continues to grow. 
The maiʻa, banana, is a kinolau or body form of Kanaloa, deity of the sea.  
Many uses of the plant and its parts make it valuable!  The stalk and leaves are most important in cooking in the imu, promoting steam and helping to retain heat.  Ritual meals are served on the banana leaf, both as a shield and a protector of both the food and its participants.”
September 02, 2020