This season we partnered up again with photographer and friend, Brandon Campbell aka Laserwolf. Laserwolf’s captivating ocean photography has become some of our best selling towels. Using the nature around him as his inspiration, he has shot some of the most iconic places around the world. Cast is an aerial photo of a beach along the 7-mile miracle on the North Shore of Oahu. 

We spoke with Laserwolf about his travels, work, and this unusual time. 

Slowtide: Where are you right now?
Laserwolf: We’re posted up in Melbourne Beach, FL


ST: How are you dealing with social distancing/isolation?
LW: Honestly, it’s not that bad here, yet. Florida folks are a different breed. It’s pretty much business as usual over here. Must be something in the water. haha.


ST: Have you learned anything new during this crisis?
LW: Apparently there’s a legit fear of not being able to wipe your ass. Androphobia. haha.. This shit is getting out of hand. No pun intended.


ST: When is the last time you shot in the water and who was it with?  Can you share that photo?
LW: I was back on the North Shore over the winter. I shot a couple good days at Pipe and Rockies, but ended up surfing most of the time. Mason Ho is one of my favorite people to shoot, so I was stoked to get in the water with him.


ST: Since our first collaboration in 2018, have you traveled anywhere exciting?
LW: Yeah, I’ve since been to Nicaragua, Mexico twice, Spain and France. Mexico will always have my heart, but the Basque Country absolutely blew my mind. Did a snowboarding trip to Jackson Hole as well.


ST: What is the first thing you will do once this crisis is declared over?
LW: Probably kick myself for not buying stock when it all tanked.


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April 06, 2020