"I was on assignment with Flux magazine shooting the Bellanca, Hawaiian Airlines first airplane here. It’s a small plane, and I was able to shoot photos out of the cockpit window while we took a flight around the island. I got the shot over Kaena point, Mokuleia side." 

We had a chat with Hawaiian bred "funtographer" and one of the funniest guy we know, John Hook. John is a reminder not to take life too seriously and to enjoy the important things. 

How long have you been shooting photos and how did you get into it?
I’ve had a camera since 1998 or so, when I registered for college.  I took all the easy classes like ‘Lunch’ and 'Photography 101' so I had to get a film camera.  I didn’t have a cell phone back then, but I used my camera as much as I could, just taking pictures of my friends going grocery shopping or skating in a parking lot (basically the stuff you use an iPhone camera for now). I got really hooked with photography when I started trying long exposures and stuff like that. I quit my job as a retail manager in 2009, and somehow managed to make money taking pictures of people and things in the following years.
How many cameras do you currently own? What are your favorite ones to shoot with?
I own, maybe 30 cameras? A lot of them are broken, or junk ones I found at the swap meet. I have a solid set of about 5-6 camera bodies that I use through the week, depending on the shoot or trip.
Describe a typical day for you.
If i'm outside, I’m either shooting for work or driving around town between meetings and errands, or I’m inside at home sitting at the computer with my fingers on the home keys trying not to get distracted by my couch. I try to fit in some surfing or something non-work related early when I wake up or the last hour of sunlight before dinner.  I also watch a Giants baseball game on TV, 162 days out of the year before I fall asleep.
What inspires you?
I’m really inspired by what my close friends are doing. I’m grateful 80% of my friends don’t have a normal job but find a way to be a creative to survive; although we're all most likely gonna end up living together in a van colony somewhere. The world is too busy, and life goes by too fast, to try and be inspired by Rumi quotes and Facebook stories. I just try and have a positive attitude every day, and make sure my family and close friends are happy. That usually gets me motivated to do the best job possible and to not get lazy on my days off.
What are your favorite things about Hawaii?
So many things are amazing about Hawaii. But, If I had to move away, I’m sure I would miss the warm ocean the most. Oh, and honu puka shell necklaces, I’d miss seeing those.
View more of John's photos on his Instagram / @johnhook
November 21, 2016