Surfer, cinematographer, and director Ben Gulliver has been behind a number of Slowtide projects. Recently, he took us through his calming home on the Seymour River in Vancouver. He has utilized the space by filling it with the art and photography of those he loves most. Ben told us more about how this place came to be in a recent conversation. 

SLOWTIDE: How long have you lived in the house?


BEN GULLIVER: After a few years of looking around Vancouver we finally found this home on the Seymour River. 

We moved in on my birthday in late November 2019. Good timing is a colossal understatement.

S: What makes this space distinctly yours?


BG: I think ultimately it is how we use it. The goal was to have it be a place where we could spend quality time with family and friends. The main space is large and open so everyone is generally all in the same room. The art and photography is all by people we know so it’s a nice reminder how talented those friends are! 

S: What inspires you about your home?


BG: In the winter, the house has a bit of a ski cabin vibe to it. When the fire is on and there is snow in the ground outside it’s really cozy. Usually, I find myself reading a book, watching tv or playing piano. In the summer we usually have all the doors open and spend all of our time outside in the yard or in the river. So during those months it’s really the outside that inspires. 

S: How do you feel when you finally walk into your home at the end of the day?


BG: At the end of the day I love coming home. Being just outside the city and tucked away in the woods creates a feeling of escape from the hustle. Not to mention it’s quiet. After years in the city you forget the value of silence. 

Dezember 14, 2020