We are grateful to be partnering with Sustainable Coastlines Hawai’i for giving Tuesday!
Inspiring local communities to care for their coastlines.
Sustainable Coastlines Hawaiʻi (SCH) is a grassroots nonprofit organisation whose mission is to inspire local communities to care for their coastlines. To date, SCH has reached nearly 45,000 students with educational content and has removed over a half-million pounds of debris from Hawaiʻi’s coastlines with the help of over 30,000 volunteers.
Check out our interview below with the SCH team & know that your donation goes far beyond the work they do locally.
What kind of work do you guys do?
At SCH, we are widely known for our large-scale beach cleanups that mobilize thousands of volunteers each year throughout the state of Hawaiʻi. However, we know that beach cleanups are not the final solution, and they are not the only way we can fulfil our mission. In addition to organising fun and engaging community beach cleanup events, we also share knowledge through a robust educational program, promote awareness through public outreach campaigns, engage business leadership in hands-on solutions through corporate cleanups, provide the tools needed for others to host their own cleanups, and offer sustainability consulting and waste diversion services at events.
What's your mission?
Our mission is to inspire local communities to care for their coastlines.
How does the work Sustainable Coastlines Hawai'i does, affect the rest of the world?
We are a local solution to a global problem, and our goal is to lead by example and inspire others to do the same. Though our work may be largely focused in Hawaiʻi, our message and stories are able to reach millions through social media campaigns and partnerships, as well as with the help of our global audience.
What's your favorite part of what you do?
Our team loves to find new, innovative solutions to tackle plastic pollution and create a more effective waste stream. On top of that, we love to share these with our volunteers so we can continue to educate and spread the stoke. Some of these, like the Trash Time Machine created by SEED and a new composting structure at Full Circle Farm, will be featured during our Giving Tuesday livestream. Once you see them, you will understand why we are so excited to share them.
How can we be involved?
It takes a whole community to clean a beach, and it will take an even larger community to keep it clean. Here are some simple actions you can take to fight for healthy coasts and oceans:
  • Join us at a beach cleanup
  • Take cleaning into your own hands and host your own (Oʻahu friends can rent a DIY Cleanup kit from our office in Kaimuki)
  • Take the extra step to cut out plastic where you can, from bringing your own water bottle to reducing the amount of plastic you bring to the register – clean beaches start at home.
  • Know your fisherperson and refuse commercially fished fish when you can
  • Sign up for our newsletter to get updates and learn more about plastic pollution
  • Follow us on social media! IG/FB/YouTube: @sustainablecoastlineshawaii TikTok/Twitter: @coasthuggers
  • Donate and sign up for our recurring donor program – every bit counts and helps us grow our impact.
Thanks for the time SCH ohana, so grateful for the work you do & the opportunity to partner with you.
All the love,
Dezember 09, 2021