By Dre Turner

While fine art and creative expression come in so many shapes and styles, so too are your options for drying off. Finding the perfect towel for each occasion can be as daunting as picking just one print but have no fear, we’re diving into our favourite pairings. Starting with the most classic, almost nostalgic, beach day staple – our 100% Cotton Beach Towel. 


Which way to the beach? Toss one of our classic beach towels over your shoulder, your board, or in your bag and head to the beach. Sometimes it can be as simple as that. Made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton, these are super soft and absorbent but still lightweight enough not to weigh you down. Pro tip: keep one of these in the car for an impromptu surf check, dawn patrol mission, or roadside cool down on a long road trip. 


Sending it? Grab a quick-dry. When you’re striking out for adventure or just packing for a day open to possibility, our quick-dry towels are a heavy hitter in an ultra-lightweight form. They’re compact, highly absorbent, and the best travel or adventure buddy in our lineup. Express yourself with this double-sided microfiber towel that’s made from 100% recycled materials and sand-free, so you can leave the beach where it belongs. 


For those more inclined to recline and be straight chilling, we love the oversized woven. They are ultra-plush for lots of cushion, plus the woven design means double-sided style points – a super soft, shaved velour front with looped terry back. Oversized means room for friendship, or just stretching out, and they are ideal for any setting, any body of water, and any vibe. The oversized woven’s superpower is making any surface softer – just post up and kickback. 


Keeping things light and easy is the name of the game for our Turkish Towels. 100% cotton and 100% go with the flow, these are as versatile as they come – more than a sarong and not just a way to dry off. They are lightweight and large enough to share but don’t take up too much room, so you can pack some extra snacks. Wrap it, wear it, drape it, lay it out and bask on it – the world is your oyster, go ahead and slurp it up.

For more of a good thing look no further than the Turkish Blanket. Much like it’s towel counterpart, the Turkish Blanket’s forte is being lightweight while feeling luxurious. Layer it with your favourite textiles at home or take it for a day at the beach, the minimal packing space and maximum softness and size are a guaranteed recipe for nice times all around. Bottom line – your day is looking better when there’s a Turkish Blanket involved.

September 11, 2020