Ryan Ell is a self taught photographer based in Tofino, Canada. By using natural beauty, textures and movement - Ryan effortlessly brings moments to life. We chatted with Ryan about what Paradise means to him.
Paradise to most people is a tropical uncrowded beach with a cold beverage in hand. But to me, paradise is what I've managed to make my backyard: the often cold, rainy and elusive Clayoquot Sound. Living here for almost 5 years, I've been lucky enough to explore the nooks and crannies that make this place so special. Every day out on the water or up in the air is an unknown. It can bring its own struggles, but also the rewards you reap are that much greater. You never know what wildlife is hiding around the next low tide inlet or what the reef around the corner is doing. Your typical morning can start on a cold dock in the dark. By the time most people are waking up having their first coffee and scrolling their phones, you’ve seen a pod of orcas and surfed a perfect point break. That to me is paradise, and it’s something I'll never take for granted.”
Camera used: Nikon D500
 RE: An evening flight in a float plane over one of my favorite islets. You can enjoy sunset on one side and sunrise on the other. With pristine kelp beds to swim through during the day, what more can you ask for? 
 RE: This morning we could barely see the waves from the boat, it was that foggy. After seeing one set come through, we knew we were in for a treat. I owe a lot to Noah Cohen for bringing me along on trips. I was happy to return the favor this morning. Linking up on a couple waves before the high tide had us back on the boat for coffees.
RE: One of my favorite images I’ve taken to date. While putting around looking for bears before work and having no luck, I came around the corner to be surprised by a pod of orcas.  
RE: The evening before this day, the forecast looked less than favorable. I hadn’t packed my water housing envisioning the day would be a bust before it even started. But with a 6am wakeup and buoy check, we realized we might be in for a treat.
RE: An aerial image of one of the many oyster farms that are scattered amongst the area. From the air, it gives you a different perspective of one of the most sustainable food sources we have.
RE: The more eagles I see, the more they amaze me. How elegant they are in the air and how laser focused they are on their surroundings when perched looking for their next meal.
RE: Andy Jones threading a morning tube from a fall trip that had it all. One day was flat, the next was 15ft breaking in places I couldn’t have imagined. The final day was just right.
RE: Low tide adventures are a treat for the bears and the photographer. As the tide hits low, bears climb out from behind the forest covering and forage for crabs and mussels down at the water's edge. 
RE: Pete Devries surfs this wave like nobody else, almost making it look too easy at times. There’s no better view for these performances than front and center from the water. 
 For more of Ryan's work, check out: www.ryanell.com
Februar 11, 2021