Cabana Kitchen Towel

Bring some art into your home’s most creative space with a kitchen towel that works hard and looks good too. Absorbent, functional, and versatile – a focal point you’ll use every day.



Absorbent - 221 GSM Flat Weave makes these durable towels ideal for all kitchen endeavours whether polishing glassware or drying off your hands.

Functional - Made of premium linen cotton, this lightweight towel quickly dries and easily absorbs moisture. It also features a loop for hanging and is printed with a reactive dye that prevents fading over time.

Size - 53.34 x 71.12 cm.

Versatile - Ideal for adding an eco-friendly touch to a kitchen setting. Stylistically, the double-sided artistic design makes it double as an elevated decor accent.

Sustainable - 60% Cotton, 40% Linen: all sustainably and ethically sourced.

All our products we make are sustainably sourced.