Juliana is a native of Savannah, Georgia. She experienced much of her childhood in the downtown historic Savannah district. She eventually graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2017, with a degree in fibers. During her time at SCAD, she explored both pattern development and material exploration through large scale installation work. Throughout her life, she has always been passionate about color, and how it could be explored through methods such as pattern, installation, fine art, and now, finger painting. Her unique method of finger painting is both childlike, and expressive. She believes that there lies a sense of freedom when you leave the brush behind. Juliana finds that finger painting brings about unique shapes and texture that a brush would not lend itself to. Whatever she is creating, it is important that the audience gains a feeling of joy when viewing Juliana’s work. Joy is a key element throughout all of her work. She expresses that through color, shape, and scale. Juliana currently works on large scale paintings and murals. Her paintings are colorful, abstract, organic, and adventurous.


SLOWTIDE: Where are you from?

JULIANA: I am from Savannah, Ga. I grew up in historic Savannah. It was a dream. I went to SCAD, and stook around post-grad. 

S: How did you get into art?

J: I got into art because it was constantly surrounding me growing up, so I naturally took a liking. My mom actually went to SCAD and was in the first graduating class. She then got her masters when I was very young. I remember going to many of her gallery shows. There were just things after things that pointed me into the direction of creativity. It never looked like one thing. I think that's how the spirit of JULU formed- years of creativity in various forms led by my mother. 

S: What do you draw inspiration from?

J: I love browsing physical places that are beautiful. Whether that be somewhere in nature, a beautiful curated store, or a well decorated home. I look for color inspiration more than anything. There are colors everywhere, so i guess you could also say that I could find inspiration everywhere. I believe that's mostly true! Right now I'm sitting in my studio, and the afternoon light is pouring in. My window frames are white, with red metal bars in front. The red metal is casting a pink shadow on the white window frames. I have some yellow flowers sitting in the window, in a vase that is a somewhat white / teal color. I also have eucalyptus in the window! So here is an inspiring color story! Mustard yellow flowers, pink-ish shadows, musty red bars, cream / white window frames, greenish grey eucalyptus, and a white / teal vase. Here you have the perfect color story for a mural. All pulled from a dreamy moment as i sit on the floor in my studio typing this email to you. 

S: Favorite place to practice your art?

J: All over! The best parts about JULU is that JULU can JULU anywhere! I love painting large canvases outdoors, and then photographing them in nature! I took a road trip out west a couple years ago, and photographed some of my canvases in Joshua Tree. That was a beautiful time. I think being free with JULU is how JULU works best. If i want to paint in my driveway- I'll paint in my driveway. If i want to paint in my studio on a relaxing rainy day, so be it. 

S: Advice to up-and-coming artists?

J: Slow down, figure out who you are, forget about being perfect, drop the idea that success comes over night, and enjoy the process. Process is the BEST part!  

September 02, 2020